It's quite simply the BEST FOOD EVER.  A warm, toasty, gooey grilled cheese....can't ya just taste it?  Today we celebrate it!

Your task is to watch the videos and click EACH of the links below.  You'll learn about the some famous grilled cheese sandwiches and then explore a local restaurant.  Once you're a grilled cheese PRO, you'll complete the assignment.  

Have fun and EAT a GRILLED CHEESE, baby!!!

I'll admit.  I make a great grilled cheese.  I've been making them for YEARS.  Apparently, I've been doing it wrong.  Who knew?

Melt Bar & Grilled (isn't that clever?) in Ohio features a grilled cheese challenge that would challenge even the most DIE-HARD grilled cheese fan.  Check it out:

Melt Bar & Grilled only has locations in Ohio, but there are THREE grilled cheese restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.   They're linked below.  Check 'em out, and BE SURE TO LOOK AT THEIR MENU!

(Grilled Manwich & Cheese? Oh, yes, please!)

(Did someone say Grilled Cheese Doughnut??)

(Their Cheddar Mac Sandwich is beyond delicious....)

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PART I: Pick Your Menu Choices:

Visit each restaurant website and choose ONE menu item you'd order if you visited that restaurant.  Record your answer in the Google Form linked below:

PART II: Design an advertisement!

Use a SINGLE Google Slide to create a magazine advertisement for your menu item.  For example, if you chose the Caprese at Dallas Grilled Cheese Co, you would include:

*The name of the menu item.
*The name of the restaurant.
*Why your audience should go try that menu item.  
*An image of the item (if available)

Think about an advertisement, the most important words/images will be LARGER than the others.  Remember that when designing your slide.

Be creative and have fun!

Take a snip of your completed advertisement and upload it to the comment stream below!

(I've uploaded my example so you can see what it looks like in the comment stream.)