April is National Poetry Month!

As an English teacher, I can't let this month pass by without honoring

POETRY (yes, even in Technology class)!  

I can think of no better way to introduce you to poetry than by introducing you to one of my very favorite contemporary poets, Billy Collins.  Here he is, reading one of my favorite poems, "Introduction to Poetry."

Maya Angelou

is one of most celebrated poets in American literary history.
Listen to not just her words, but her message...

Shel Silverstein

is a name you're probably familiar with.  He wrote mostly silly poems, but he also wrote some beautiful poems with meaning themes.  Here's a unique look at "Where the Sidewalk Ends."

One of the most inspiring poems I've ever read

is quoted here in this clip from the movie "Dead Poet's Society."  

I ask you,

What will YOUR verse be?

Visit the website below to create your own poem using Magnetic Poetry...spend time putting words together to create meaning.  This is your chance to contribute a verse...

INSTRUCTIONS:  Create your poem and take a SNIP!
Save it to your Google DRIVE
and upload it to the message stream below: