Koolteecha Technology

Friday, August 22, 2014 - A Day

Click HERE for a video message from The Wizard

1. DCI - CNN Student News
    ** Click here to watch the video **
    ** Click here to complete and submit your assignment **

2. Typing Web - Login Video (if you haven't already seen it, or to refresh your memory)
    ** Login and begin Lesson 1 - The Home Row Keys - Work for at least 15 minutes
    ** If your login isn't working today, you can still begin Lesson 1 without logging in. **           We'll figure it out next week. :)

3. How to Use the Snipping Tool
    ** Click here to watch the video **
    ** Click here to access a digital copy of the handout you received in class today **

Practice a little bit on your own in class today....login to Edmodo over the weekend for          an extra credit opportunity!

4. GCFLearnFree - Computer Basics - Lesson One

    ** Watch the video**  (or you can click on it from the webpage above)

    ** Read through the lesson carefully, and fill in your Interactive Notes as you go.  This
    isn't homework...we'll continue working on Tuesday.

Got a question?  Submit it below (use your parents' email address if you don't have your own):