Top 10
Memorable Moments

(In 7th Grade)

Memorable moments are times that change you, shape you, and build you. The idea that you will always remember the moment, in any period of time in you life.

---= #1 =---

On the second to last week of school, the seventh graders go to Camp Mowana as a field trip. They stay for an entire school week. When I learned that I was going to camp, to be honest I was very scared because I have a phobia of insects, especially spiders.

---= #2 =---
Cedar Point

For Ensemble, me and my group went to Cedar Point for a competition. Of course, we got first place, since we are the best, but I had a very fun time on the rides. I went on many of them but never went on the Dragster that day because the line was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long.

---= #3 =---
Going to New York

For my birthday, my family and I went to New York City and met up with my aunt and uncle. For a surprise, our friends from Boston met up with us. We went sight-seeing since our friends had never been to New York. I enjoyed it and had fun.

---= #4 =---
The Musical

For this year, we did the musical and it was called "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and in the dressing room we would always listen to Bohemian Rhapsody. Playing that song has become a tradition when we are in the dressing room.

---= #5 =---
Peer Buddies

In the third quarter, Trey Ford in 8th grade told me about Peer Buddies. When I entered into, I enjoyed it and had fun playing board games and eating lunch with the special needs. When they are happy, I become happy. I feel like a made a close connection with them and will miss them when I move.

---= #6 =---

When I joined track, I was very out of shape. When we would be running through the halls I would lose my energy 5 minutes in. When I tried out for track, my timing for the one-hundred meter dash was 17, which is very bad. At the end of the season, my timing was 13 seconds, which is pretty good.

---= #7 =---

Over the summer, I went to France and Italy for a vacation and also to see my grandparents(who are very old). We always go to Cannes, Genoa, and Hyeres. Hyeres is always the most beautiful and Cannes is an amazing city while Genoa is rewarded with amazing food and beach.

---= #8 =---
Cast Party

At the end of every musical, we always have a cast party celebrating our show and (sometimes) how well we did. I had so much fun there and I will never forget this year's cast party. We played games, sang, and ate and drank tasty stuff.

---= #9 =---
Band and Chorus Concert

Since I do chorus and band, we do a concert every winter and spring. I had to sing in 3 different groups:

                    1. Ensemble

                    2. Men's Chorus

                    3. Together

And for band it was only one group: The 7th grade band

I had a lot of fun and will remember the songs I sang and played.

---= #10 =---
Mr. Barr Making Me Do Push-ups

In Mr. Barr's class, if we tell him to "wait" then he makes us do ten push-ups. Guess who was the guy who started it all? That's right, it was all my fault that innocent students were being forced to do 10 push-ups. So far, if I counted correctly, I've done 80 push-ups in Mr. Barr's classroom. I might have gained a few muscle from that!

---= HELA Moments =---
#1 Road Of Trials

For the Road Of Trials, we did some activities, including walking onto tennis balls, from building pyramids on pyramids. We were facing the other class and I don't remember if we won or lost but I had a great time.

#2 Outsider's Day

For Outsider's Day, everyone had to dress up as a Soc(Popular person) or a Greaser(Biker tough dude). I dressed up as a Greaser because in the book we were reading in class, there are two different groups and I think the Greasers are better. The groups always had a grudge between each other and clash against each other to show that their group is better(The book was The Outsiders, by S.E.Hilton).

#3 All the Kahoots

The Kahoots we played through out the year were so fun and exhilarating. The entire class would become mayhem while playing this game. I myself won maybe two out of the ten times we have done it, all under the name of:

David(w/ an e)

AKA: Davide

We would always laugh and have so much fun playing Kahoot while learning at the same time.

#4 IRP

For our class' 3rd and last independent reading project(IRP) Weston and I decided to do a video of one of the most important events in our book. Weston and I had to create an entire scit and preform it in front of the class. While being video-taped. Knowing that we might be seen by the 6th grade. Knowing that we might mess up. But, with all of the burden that was upon us, we never forgot anything(once), we never got nervous(not really), and neither of us peed our pants(that one is true).

---= Camp =---

My favorite activities at camp were:

                    1. Dancing

                    2. Camo-Games

                    3. Paul

Dancing was fun because first off, I know how to dance because of preforming in musicals. Second, all of my friends were getting into the groove and having fun as well. Everyone was happy and in a joyful mood, creating an environment of partying. Camo-Games were fun because it was capture the flag but with camouflage shirts and pants on. I always play capture the flag with my friends in my backyard but Camo-Games took it to the next level. The "arena" was at least three times as big as what I usually play in and we were playing in thick woods. Paul was the best councler ever! He would always be on the ready and never tardy, he would make us laugh and never be mean. I would totally recommend Paul to all the kids that are next in line for camp.

---= Survival Tips =---

Just for reference, I will tell you some survival tips I have learned from TV shows, other people, ect.

In Cold Conditions:

  • Always TRY to have supplementary food.
  • Sleep close, but not too close to a fire.
  • If you have no fire, make shelter or sleep under in an encased area or underground.
  • Before going to bed, eat a small snack because your digestive system will start to turn gears and heat up.
  • Empty you bladder before going to bed because the more urine you have inside you, the colder your body gets.
  • Stay crunched up while sleeping to conserve body heat.
  • Cover your head, hands, and feet at all times.
  • Go scavenging for food during the day.
  • Conserve all items you have.

In Hot Conditions:

  • Stay in the shade the most you can.
  • Always stay hydrated but savor your water.
  • Cover your head with a soft cloth to gather sweat.
  • Use the sweaty cloth to cool you down.
  • Sleep with a fire(It gets cold at night).
  • Cover yourself with mud in a place with a lot of bugs.
  • If you start to move, and migrate a different direction, make sure to carry hot embers of your fire to start a new one.
  • Eat anything that is edible, even if it is something you could not imagine eating.
  • If you are in a desert and find an oasis, stay there for a couple days to gather more water, food, and supplies.
  • Conserve all items you have.

---= Precept =---

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Stay Gucci

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I like your survival tips

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Your survival tips were good/hillarious at the same time. Your writing was nice and I hope you have a great summer.😄

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The precept is good and I like the survival tips😉

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I will now live now

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I believe that you loved New York as much as I did.

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