Only Rachel for Wife!

The Original Love of Jacob's Life

Jacob worked 14 years for ME!, NOT Leah!!

I'm much better than Leah! She and I used to be so close, but Leah ruined it by marrying my love! She is not worth your glance! In fact, Leah is not even a kind person because she did that! I am the original, the only one Jacob will ever love. I was the one Jacob saw at the well. I was the one he agreed to work to marry for. Jacob worked 14 years for me. We should be together. Vote Rachel for leading lady, the original love of Jacob's life!

Some say Leah should marry Jacob because she was the first born and I am just the second daughter, but I know we were meant to be. He can't marry anyone else, even though I am second, but that doesn't matter because we're in love!

Rachel for Everyone!

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