A and J's Academy of Learning


In A and J's Academy of Learning your child will get the best education they could get in Florida. Our private school is a high school designed specifically for boys and girls. Our teachers are very good professors, and they will work with your students. If students are having a problem they will even work 1 on 1 with them. We make sure students are learning by giving tests, and if there is a problem we will send home progress reports. With school hours from 9:00-3:30 students will be able to get a good nights sleep and be prepared for the day, and then go home and still have time to have a social life. School starts on August 20 and ends on May 15. Our school has 4 floors and is big enough to hold 750 students. It is a castle like building, and our new zoo is in the back yard. A new program we are starting is the freedom to use IPads, or notebooks and textbooks as a learning source. We like to make sure everyone has freedom at our school. Another freedom we allow students is the freedom to dress how they want. Our mission is to make sure every student has the best 4 years in high school possible, while getting a good education.

Our subjects include Science, Environmental Protection Class(E.P.C), Math, E.L.A., Chemistry, Technology, and History(AP classes are also available based on G.P.A.). We like to focus on environmental protection because one day our students will be the adults on the earth and they need to now how to take care of their planet. Tuition is $1,500, but some of that money goes towards our new environmental program... "Taking Care of Nature's Creatures",which is a zoo program. We got a zoo on campus!Students can use it to learn about animals and how to take care of them. Many students are interested and we have high hopes for the programs. Another new program we are starting is the "Take A Trip Program". To help motivate our student any student that gets an 85 average or higher will get to take a fun trip to places like Universal, or Disney.

If you would like to enroll your child please contact us at ajlearning@ajacademy.com

What the school looks like
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