Famous Renaissance Artwork

By Rachel Kim

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

The subject is believed to be Lisa Gharandini, a merchants wife. Her mysterious smile and eyes are reasons people are so captivated. Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint this in 1503 and finished in 1517. He never gave it back to the person who commissioned it and today it hangs in the Louvre in Paris.

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.

This artwork is inside of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan. Leonardo Da Vinci was comissioned to paint this in 1495 and completed it in 1498.

The School of Athens by Raphael

A fresco painted between 1510 and 1511 in what is now known as Stanze di Raffaello. It showed Raphael's interpretation that philosophy was a branch of knowledge.

Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci

This painting was made when Leonardo was young. It depicts the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary.

Creation of Adam by Michelangello

In 1508, Michelangello was commissioned by the pope to paint several paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. This is one of the many.

The Tower of Babel by Peter Bruegel

This painting showing the famous Tower of Babel scene was painted in 1563. Today it hangs in the Kunsthistorishes Museum in Vienna.

Procession of the Magi by Benozzo Gozzoli

This painting is part of a fresco painted on three walls of  the Magi Chapel in the Palazzo Medici Riccardi of Florence. Each wall shows a different magi. The youngest magi is on the east wall, the middle in the middle, and the oldest on the west wall. This painting was commissioned to be made between 1459 and 1461.

St. George and the Dragon by Paolo Uccello

It is based on the legend in the 13th century about how St. George killed the dragon that was carrying the plague (bubonic). St. George after killing the dragon, rescues the princess. It was painted privately in 1470.

The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck

This oil painting painted in 1434 shows Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini and his wife standing inside in a lavish interior. The reason this was painted is unknown. Note: notice the detail in the brass chandelier. This was achieved using oil paints.