Roman Gladiator`s


The colosseum in rome can hold to about 50,000 spectators and there are over 80 entrances and rome was found in 153 BC and roman gladiators were found in 246 BC and romans against romans and they have no defensive armor and they are exposed to blows from all sides and gladiators could be sold or hired and free men could be gladiators too and a a interesting fact about gladiators are they are usually prisoners of war and they had to fight with there own weapons and there style of combat and they had to fight to survive in the arena and they are brutal to the slaves and it is a 50-50% chance that they will survive a battle. Gladiators or brutal and they will battle or fight until only one person is standing and the gladiators weapons can kill a person with a single blow and the armor is good but it can still take hits from all sides.

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