Semana santa

By: Ricardo

On monday I went to siguatepeque to spend the semana Santa. That same that I got sick . I think I was the day before I ate some shrimps that I think were "jucos" . When I got to siguatepeque my grand mother gave me a soup. She told me that I will get better if a ate that soup. Later at night I was feeling worse so I drank a medicine and went to take a shower . When I got out of the bathroom I felt a lot better . On Tuesday  I was feeling good and I went to the pool and started swimming with my brother. Minutes later we got out of the pool and went inside to change cloth and go play football.When we started playing football I ask my brother do you want to play against me?Yes he respond me but with a condicion that if you win I need to led you play in my playstation and if I win you will not play in my playstion ,ok I respond him.