Our Little Milwaukee Adventure

Our Humanities class was so go on a field trip which included sight seeing of Alterra, the lake and Lake Park. Michelle, Monica and I arrived at the same time but slightly late due to traffic. Once we got to Alterra, the class group was gone. We tried finding our professor's or another student's number but, none of us had any. So instead of just going back home, us three girls decided to go on our own adventure and hoped to bump into our missing group.  

Our first stop was Alterra, of course. We went inside and looked around, trying to recognize the old flushing station it used to be. After getting a coffee, we asked people inside how to get to Lake Park. An older gentleman gave us directions so that's what we followed. We headed north. We were sure to keep our eyes peeled for our group and things that we could relate to Milwaukee.

Our second site was the parking lot for the boats on the beach. After walking past that, we ventured onto the little post with the flag that stood out over the water. We viewed the sand, water and lakes and talked about the quality of water. We also talked about good times we had on the beach and how this Lake also effects other states. An employee was working on the sand, tying up the old fences. We talked to him about Lake Park.

Our third site was a plumbing station that we saw. We didn't walk up to it, but we viewed it from across the street. We passed it at first but then stopped and took a look once we read that it was a plumbing station. We didn't really know what that exact station did, but we had an idea from what we learned in class and from MMSD.

Our fourth site was North Point Snack bar on the beach. It was so cute and Monica had some knowledge of the history behind it. She also explained how amazing the food was from her experiences in the summer. Michelle and I both agreed that we were going to try their food this up coming summer. Also at this site, was a mother with her baby and they were just sitting, relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. Even though this snack bar isn't open until summer, people were still able to get to sit and relax on the tables that were out. This showed us how this one bar held more meaning that just a place to get food in the summer. It was a part of Milwaukee that is around all year.

Our last site was Bradford beach and the rain garden. We walked along the beach the entire time but this was the area with the building and sand where most people would hang out in the summer. We noticed that there was a sign that explained that there was a rain garden just off the beach. We read it and realized how it worked with the parking lot across the street and how it worked to keep the sand on the beach cleaner. We had previous knowledge of rain gardens from class and MMSD, which were also a part of the rain garden we were looking at. We also saw more employees, working on the beach. They were moving this wood and stakes. We didn't know what they were doing exactly but we did recognize the fact that people worked year round and very hard in order to keep this beach clean for Milwaukee.

Once we got past Bradford beach, we turned around and headed back to Alterra. On the way back, we talked about all of the activities that happen here in the summer. Soccer, volleyball, yoga, swimming, exercising for people at pets, paddle boating, jet skiing, and just flat out hanging with friends are all big things that happen here on this beach. Some things don't even have to be in summer! It's only spring and we saw a lot of people jogging and walking pets while on our adventure.

So, even though we got seperated from our group and we didn't get to see Lake park, we still made the most out of what we did see. We could easily relate it to all of the things that we learned and talked about in class. It was our own experience, our own little adventure in Milwaukee.

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