Civilian Space Travel

Persuasive Essay

Space travel can be an extremely beneficial experience for astronauts and only astronauts. Sending a civilian to space would be a once in a  lifetime opportunity but would be way too risky in my opinion. Many problems can happen when in a space craft including an explosion. Training for space would be hard for a civilian.

Sending a civilian into space could take away from the opportunity for scientists or someone else who could provide valuable information about our solar system. Scientists could make huge discoveries that a civilian couldn't. A civilian could also take away from many questions that could be answered.

Many disasters can happen during space travel. Not only can they take place in space but also during liftoff and when reentering the atmosphere. If a space craft exploded with a civilian on board NASA could get sued for a lot of  money. Even small problems that are not noticed by a civilian could lead to bigger, more problematic situations. An astronaut could fix most problems quickly, but a civilian might not know how to address the problem. Civilians would also have to go through grueling training and might not be 99.9% capable of being in space.

If a civilian has the money to buy a ticket to space then NASA should consider putting that person or group of people through training. They shouldn't because it is not beneficial. Although it would be a thrilling experience most civilians can't go through that training.

I am strongly against civilian space travel. After reading this are you for or against civilian space travel?

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