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Gorgeous flowers for every occasion!

Gladioli, calla lilies and irises are flowers that can be used in many different ways. Each one is a wonderful flower for arranging in a vase at home, but also makes a perfect choice for weddings, special events and other occasions.


The gladiolus has a very heroic meaning: it stands for victory and pride. This meaning goes all the way back to ancient Rome when gladiators fought to the death in the arena and the winner was showered with gladioli. Difference Between a Gladiola and an Iris. Even today, the sport of cycling speaks of ‘death or the gladioli’, and long-distance walking events reward those who cross the finish line with gladioli.

The gladiolus has a long stem lined with six to eight flowers that open one after another starting from the bottom. These flowers open facing the same direction and have sword-shaped leaves that fan out from the stem. Gladioli are suitable for many different applications such as weddings, corsages and breathtaking bouquets. In general, they are in bloom from seven to ten days. They are available in a wide range of colours: white, cream, yellow, orange, salmon, pink, red, lavender, purple, blue and terra cotta.


The name ‘iris’ is the ancient Greek name for this plant that refers to the likeness of the flowers’ colours to all the colours of the rainbow. This is because irises can be found in almost every colour.

A vase filled with irises alone is a beautiful sight, but they can also be used in mixed bouquets. These flowers are splendid in a bridal bouquet as well as in decorative arrangements. They also provide a pretty accent in funeral arrangements. Be careful when trimming the stems of irises since they are hollow. Too much pressure on the stem will damage it and keep it from absorbing water.

Calla lily

This flower has a self-assured, contemporary look and symbolises purity and sympathy. Calla lilies are now available in many beautiful colours and are frequently used for festive. Occasions such as weddings. This flower is perfect for creating eye-catching bouquets, corsages and floral decorations.

The unique shape of its flowers is a major factor in the beauty of the calla lily bulbs. Calla lilies are available in various colours including pink, purple, yellow and orange. The Calla lily is a variety of the lily and is also known by the name of Arum lily or Trumpet lily.

Ocean Blue Love

A mix of blue and white makes you think of a beautiful blue sea.

Shining Yellow & White

An explosion of yellow that reflects the bright side of life. And the addition of white adds a sparkling touch.

Colour explosion

A lovely combination of various clear bright colours - so eye-catching that they always make an impression.

Caring for the flowers

Trim the stem at an angle and place it in a clean vase; change the water once every three days. Each time you change the water, trim the stem again. When the vase is placed in a cooler location, the flowers will remain attractive even longer.

Availability of the flowers

Calla lilies are available all year round. Irises and gladioli are typical summer flowers and are available from July to September.

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