Brighton Beach memoirs

The Great Depression                                               the great depression was the deepest and longest-lasting economic down turn in the history of the western industrialized world.over the next several years, consumer spending and invested dropped, causing steep declines in industrial output and raising levels of unemployment as failing companies laid of workers. it was a time in history when the land of opportunities become the land of disparity.

Colleges in the 1930's  
the Colorado state university, during the early 1930's, Colorado's land grant college south to meet statewide needs created by the great depression and the dust bowl. In early '30s, the great depression and the dust   bowl forced the colleges outreach arm to serve the same folks in a disaster, relief capacity.                                                                

Almost everything cost a percentage of 17 cents or less like for example the gas cost 17 cents per gallon, the 3 pound of sweet potatoes cost 15 cents and a dozen of eggs cost 18 cents. The era of the great depression was the America dream mutated into a nightmare.

Stan's apology letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim 

I am writeing this letter to you to forget my rudeness. please consider that I did a wrong decition to sweep the dirt on your shoes.
I know that I did something wrong please accept my apology. I am a good worker and i really need this work to so port my family.
Mr. Stroheim accept my apology I wasn't thinking right, I was mad i accept the consequences. I just trying to defend a fellow worker partner. Sorry and accept my apology.

Broadway Show

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