Job Shadowing-Lawyer

by Parker Stroud

Above you see a lawyer that is talking to the jury. He is defending a case and trying to prove his client innocent. This is the average court room day for a lawyer. He tries to persuade the judge and jury into believing that the client is guilty. He uses evidence to do this. If he is successful, the client will not go to prison and the lawyer will be paid major cash.

Typical duties

Some of the many typical and average duties a lawyer include gathering evidence from a case or accident, confer with judges, drawing up legal briefs, questioning witnesses, and developing courtroom strategies.

Average work setting

Lawyers do most of their work in law libraries, their office, and courtrooms. Some of their time is spent traveling to meetings, and going to homes or sometimes prisons to discuss the accident to get the full story and truth.

Work hours

Working hours for a lawyer are very difficult. The numbers of hours vary based on the field of law they are in. Typically it is about eight hours a day, but some lawyers work 100 hours a week. Their are also lawyers that work the midnight shift. That's a ton of work and requires a lot of time!

Steps to becoming a lawyer

The first step to becoming a lawyer is getting your degree. This takes a total of seven years to complete! This includes four years of undergraduate coursework (bachelor's degree) and three years of law school. After earning their J.D. degrees, some lawyers choose to continue and specialize in a specific area of law and earn advanced degrees.

The second step would be working on the important qualities that will help you in becoming a good lawyer. You need to be determined, focused, and positive of what you are saying is one hundred percent true.. You can't be up there, all shaky and unsure of yourself. You have to have confidence. If someone questions you, reply with yes, that is true. You also need to be able to make a persuasive appeal. Believe that your client is innocent or guily. Make other people believe. Make the judge believe! Back up your claim with facts.

Average pay

The average pay for a lawyer is $75,060

Job Outlook

The growth for lawyers has increased in the past fe years. Their has been an increase of about thirty six percent since 1970 in law schools. In 2005, their were roughly 44,000 graduates from law schools compared to the 30,000 in 1975.

Some of the technological changes for lawyer's would be new ways to organize things, faster computer, portable microphones, and easier ways to save documents.

The demand for lawyer's is increasing. This is because the world is becoming more and more populated, which means more and more injuries and accidents.


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