Inference:to derive by reasoning; conclude or judge from premises or evidence

I infer that the bears don't like each other because they are hitting each other.

I infer that this sharkacorn isn't real because sharks don't have legs and sharks live in water.

I infer that the leopard is very hungry because he/she is eating a alligators.

"The Outsiders is about a gang of “greasers,” or underprivileged teenagers, living on the east side of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are constantly under attack from the rich west-side Socs, and have parties and rumbles all the time. The narrator, the orphan Ponyboy Curtis, pretty much knows what to expect from his day - school, track, homework, football at the lot - until one of his friends takes the greaser-Soc battle too far"

I infer that one of his friends killed another kid

"David was renamed “It” by his evil mother. His childhood begins as the life everyone hopes for. He enjoyed visits to the zoo, lake trips with family, and being cuddled by his mom while listening to a great book. David's life drastically changed when he became a first-grader. His mother and father developed drinking problems. It's very hard to read about all the sadistic “games” his mother dreamed up."

I infer that the games are when "It" gets hurt.

"Alice is a 15-year-old with long straight hair and a passion for the beauty of life. After that fateful day, however, her mood – whether wild, funny, happy, loving, depressed, or lonely – depends on drugs. Though drugs, or lack thereof, change Alice’s way of thinking, all she really wants is to be happy and loved; isn’t that what we all want?"

I infer that Alice was influenced by her friends.

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