iOS Apps to support Mobile Learning

I selected apps that could be used in a Jr. High or High school setting

Animoto Audio Creation App

What is it? Animoto Video Creation App allows users to upload pictures from their iPhone camera roll directly into professional looking videos.  Users can also add short video clips they have taken on their phone, music, themes, and can narrate the video and add descriptions.

How can it be used?  The Animoto Video Creation Appcould be used by students in a biology class who are doing an environmental survey assignment, or participating in a photo scavenger hunt challenge to explore their natural environments, to present their photos and findings to classmates.


What is it? Audioboo can be used for giving teachers and students a voice to express themselves and what they have learned by creating audio podcasts, or audio-visual presentations including pictures or infographics explained by text.  Audioboo has access to many publicly posted videos created by other users.

How can it be used? As a group project, students could make a radio station and post broadcasts of what they have discovered and learned in the laboratory section of the class, or as a take home assignment to teach their classmates about something they learned doing self directed research.  The video below shows how a student presented his knowledge on Audioboo by uploading a picture and adding his own audio to explain the concept of the water cycle.

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Google Earth

What is it?  Much like the desktop computer version of Google Earth, the mobile app allows navigation of the world map created by satellite imaging from space.  New additions to the app include a tour guide feature for cities, historical landmarks and natural wonders of the world.

How could it be used? Google Earth could be a good way for students to become excited about the world around them and to learn about other cultures, geographies, natural wonders and ecological characteristics.  The tour guide feature of the app could be used by students to learn more about natural wonders around the world, and see satellite footage of such scientific phenomena.

Blackboard Mobile

What is it? Blackboard Mobile is an education focused app that allows users to organize their schools schedules, notes, videos, lecture materials, and calendar all in one place on their mobile device.  

How could it be used? An app like Blackboard Mobile can assist older students to begin taking charge of their own learning responsibilities and organizing their goals and to do lists according to priorities on their own.  Blackboard Mobile may be a good way for teachers to promote students keeping track of their own progress and learning needs, as well as assignment due dates and what is going on in class, by using their own mobile device to organize their learning schedule.  The app can also help students keep track of the specific topics and in class examples that they need to review on their own time.

Experience Life

What is it? Experience Life is an interactive learning app that helps students to explore and understand the 5 senses, the central and peripheral nervous systems, and the musculoskeletal system. The app also includes a fun, educational "ninja" game for students to apply what they have learned, as well as more traditional overviews of the body systems.

How could it be used? The Experience Life appwould be an excellent supplementary tool for reviewing specific body system units covered in high school biology. Students can do independent learning to review topics they feel like they need more help in, and can take a break from formal studying and have fun learning through the educational game.

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