What are Blizzards?

Blizzards are snowstorms with high wind speeds.

How do Blizzards Form?

Blizzards need temperatures below freezing, below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, lots of moisture in the air, and something to lift the moisture, such as a mountain. The average wind speed of a blizzard is 35 miles per hour.

Historical Examples

In 1888, more than 400 people died. But in 1996, only 154 people died. The property damage of 1888 was about $25 million. The property damage of 1996 was over $1 billion. In 1888 no injuries were recorded. 1996, 52 people were injured.

How to Protect Yourself from Blizzars

The most important things needed are: weather radios, a heat source, food, water, first aid, shelter out of the wind, and batteries. Other things needed are: extra clothing, fuel (wood, gasoline, etc.).

The snow was almost 50 inches high!


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