Legacy Unit

Consider how you portray yourself. What image do you present to society and how do you do it?

I think I'm nice because I won't turn my back on friends, I treat them fairly and equally. I always make them laugh everyday. Another is I'm athletic, I play AAA hockey for the Toronto young nationals we practice 2 times a week and I deliver papers on another 2 days too.

If you could portray a different persona what would it be, and how does it differ from how usually portray yourself?

I would be more focused on my grades instead of what my friends are doing and pay attention on studying on big test so I can get straight A's instead of C's and D's also not getting in trouble with friends in or outside of school.

Do people see you the way you wish to be seen? How would you like people to see you? Discuss the legacy you are leaving at Allan drive.

I want people to see me as a good and nice kid, like someone who doesn't get into trouble and doesn't do drugs. I want people to see me as someone who gets good grades and makes people feel great about themselves.

How is your legacy represented within your digital footprint?

I think I'm represented from Instagram as an athletic, fun and adventurous guy. I like for example of athletic I like hockey, I play for the Toronto young nats AAA hockey team. For fun and adventurous, I have traveled around half the world and did lots of fun things like at atving and seadouing in Mexico. Also I have been to Jamaica 3 times andPortugal twice and Florida.

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