Stephen Hawking

The New Einstein

Some Facts On Stephen Hawking

             Stephen Hawking had (ALS) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis . ALS is when most of your muscles stop working so Stephen Hawking had to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and he was unable to talk. This happened after his 20`s. Stephen Hawking took his studies at Oxford but had to get a scholarship to get in, which he did. After he got his degree he taught at Cambridge University even with ALS. Even with his tough disease he is regarded as one of the most brilliant physicists since Einstein. He was known as a hero to all because he helped out children a lot and was a supporter of the SOS Children U.k. even with his disease. Even though he kept doing his studies he wrote books for both children and adults. He also made up his theory that says " Universe has no boundaries."

Other facts on Stephen Hawking

  • President Barack Obama gave Stephen Hawking the Presidential Medal of Freedom 2009
  • Before Stephen Hawking died he was able to ride a zero-gravity flight, and do gymnastic flips!

By: Farai M. and Uddom l.

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