The Culture of Hippies

or "Hipsters"
By: Gloria Poulson

                             History, religion, Economy, and Political, and Social Situation

The history of the hippie of hipster culture begins hundreds of years ago when rebellious humans decided to change the world of conflict and war with peaceful movements and spiritual beliefs. Their country was founded by a group of men and woman refusing to go by the rules. They traveled to a separate island away from the mainland and settled there, beginning a new life, with a new set of beliefs, and a new way of life. They elect their own representatives and the people rule. Their economy thrives because of the tourists who visit the island in the summer which lies on the coast of the pacific ocean. Also since the island is large and has low valleys along with small mountainous ranges, small farms of vegetables and cattle are raised and brought into  other countries. The trading system isn't very large but the tourist attraction keeps the economy flourishing.


                                                        Education, Language, Security

                The education on the island is free from preschool to high school. Everyone is able to attend the public schools, but after high school most of the graduating students leave for college. The language is English, and Bohemian. The country protects itself by a small well trained army, though they only fight  when the situation is serious they also don't like to get involved with other wars going on in the world. Outsiders who come to the country are fully checked for dangerous weapons, and if they are found the people who contain them are sent back.

                                                             Climate, Food, Shelter

                The country is off the coast of the pacific and since it is so large the beach where the city lies. There is a chain of mountains on the west of the country sheltering  small valley from the stormy oceans. Tall cliffs line the west coast of the island, giving it a source of protection from large waves. In the country the people believe in healthy comforting foods. Individuals living in the valley away from the city grow their own food and bake their own goods. The restaurants are usually a comforting environment for everyone serving warm delicious foods during the winter, and serving refreshing light food in the summer. Coffee is a main good in the country, it is even common for teens to drink it on a daily basis. The city lies on the south side of the country and is filled with little shops, cafes, studio apartments, malls, and many other attractions. As the city breaks off into the valley there are many farms and barns. The houses are usually small, built by hand and two stories. The homes in the mountains are fully insulated for the cold winters and are very comfortable with the smell of dried herbs that are believed to bring a sense of happiness and homeliness.

                                                   Relationships, and Creative Expression

             Families in the culture are very close and usually get together on holidays to celebrate. Children must learn to respect their elders and they usually learn early because it is common for parents to make children have a close bond with grandparents. The children also get a close relationship with nature and play outside most of their childhood. They believe being outside widens a humans creative mind and brings good energy. Hippies tend to have parties outside with friends, After it gets dark they create a fire and dance with happy music there to light up the mood. Teens like to go shopping in the city and have there own parties on the beach in the summer. Most hipsters or hippies enjoy taking pictures and living in the moment. drawing and writing are also many of their hobbies, anything that involves peace, and love.



This is an example of the kind of music hippies listen too, usually they sing with guitars about love and forever and always.

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