Here are some helpful tips for all the concert-goers out there!

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What to do when your fave band is gonna have a concert near your place?Grab the chance and don't miss a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience to see them perform live. Especially when they seldom hold concerts in your country. Here are some helpful tips for attending a k-pop concert:

1. Prepare all things needed the night before the concert. This includes banner, lightstick, camera, food, water, extra money (for merchs and goodies) and OXYGEN TANK JUST IN CASE.

2. Review your fanchants!!!! Fanchants play a big role in live performances. It's one way of showing support to your beloved oppas.

3. Sleep early. Have a proper sleep. You wouldn't wanna look exhausted for tomorrow's concert.

4. Wear your best outfit. Make sure that it's totally rocking and at the same time super comfy. Coz' you're gonna stand there and wait for hours. And also, if you're gonna be on the standing-VIP area, I would definitely recommend for you girls to wear high heels or bring a platform for you to be able to see a nicer view of your good-looking oppas.

5. Be the first in line. You should arrive at the venue ahead of time to avoid big crowds.

6. DON'T.FORGET.YOUR.CONCERT.TICKETS. Keep it in a safe place.

7. Go meet and make new friends. Talk to every fan you see! You'll never know it might help you find your new BFFs!

8. When you see your oppas killing the stage, don't forget to breathe!!!! Scream your lungs out, have fun and enjoy the night!!!!


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2 years ago

i'm going to meet Got7 in Dallas this May, and this definitely helped. Thank you!

10 months ago

I live in Denver and I wish I could use this but they never come to Denver......