John Adams

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Adams was born on October 30,
1735, in Quincy, Massachusetts.
1774, he served on the First
Continental Congress and helped
draft the Declaration of
Independence. He studied at
Harvard University, where he
received his undergraduate degree
and master's, and in 1758 was
admitted to the bar. At age 16,
Adams earned a scholarship to
attend Harvard University. After
graduating in 1755, at age 20,
Adams studied law in the office of
John Putnam, a prominent lawyer,
despite his father's wish for him to
enter the ministry. In 1758, he
earned a master's degree from
Harvard and was admitted to the
bar. In 1770, Adams agreed to
represent the British soldiers on
trial for killing five civilians in what
became known as the Boston ated
the Continental Army in 1775,
Adams nominated George
Washington of Virginia as its
commander-in-chief.July 4, 1826,
Quincy, MA
Adams sent three commissioners to
France, but in the spring of 1798
word arrived that the French Foreign
Minister Talleyrand and the Directory
had refused to negotiate with them
unless they would first pay a
substantial bribe.
When Adams became President, the
war between the French and British
was causing great difficulties for the
United States on the high seas and
intense partisanship among
contending factions within the
During the Revolutionary War he
served in France and Holland in
diplomatic roles, and helped
negotiate the treaty of peace. From
1785 to 1788 he was minister to the
Court of St. James's, returning to be
elected Vice President under George

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