texas christian university

texas christian university

Location: 2800 South University drive Fort Worth TX.

Student life:during the school time the student's develop critical thinking skills,there are about 130 undergraduate,61 masters level,and 24 areas of doctoral and study engineering.

Why did i choose TCU?  Texas Christian University is one of the eight university to receive the certificate of distinction, they get the highest teacher awards, Texas Christian University is the only school in the nation with two special education laboratory schools.

My carrer?? i want to be a music teacher a program that prepares individuals to teach music and, music appreciation at various educational programs.

undergraduate year costs -$8,456

full-time students- $8,666

part time students- $1,061

TCU was founded in-1873  by Brothers Addison and Randolph Clark

the name was first Add ran Christian University then changed in 1889 to Texas Christian University.

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