"Work for What you Want."

Tanner Thomas

I believe

I believe in the power of being honest,

the thoughts from your own and not someone else,

the power of telling the truth and not lying,

the energy to do something on your own,

the reasons to be yourself ,

Lies hurt, thought , reason,

But I don’t believe in lies, cheats, or dishonesty

I believe in using your own brain,

I believe in telling your own thoughts,

I believe in showing who you really are,

Personality, honesty, your life,

And I believe in the power of showing who you are and being your self and not cheating to look good.

My life line

I don't ask people for much and i don’t take much from people if i cant get it on my own.

Ive always thought to work and earn your living or to earn something that you want, I've always thought this because thats what the people in my family have done. Ive kind of been tough this but at the same time i came up with it on my own after growing up seeing my parents work for stuff.

These are important to me because its how my family is and I think that it is how you should be, I don't want to take money from people unless i work for it and I don't want to give money to people unless they work for it. I feel it is important because if you just take money you will get used to this and stop working and become reliable on that money and its the same with giving people money as well.

I don't think that this will change for me in the future, I think this in the future might make me stay a good person and not selfish, I might not have the best job or the most money but at least ill know that i worked for it.

To me it is significant because I don't like seeing people that are able to work but don’t.I would try to get other people to follow what I'm saying because I think that every person that is able should work at least some part in their life and make money.It would show some of the people that don't really understand how important money really is and they might think that its just easy to get and if they went by this they would realize that its not as easy as they think.

By Tanner Thomas

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