There isn't many hobbies for me but there is a few. For instance, i draw all the time when I'm home and i play video games when I'm home as well.  Sometimes when I'm with friends i play soccer with them but that doesn't happen to often, which kinda sucks because i love doing sports.


There a few likes and a few dislikes.

Likes: having classes with friends, drawing random things, hanging out with friends after school, and lastly I like play soccer.

Dislikes: to have classes that i don't like, waking up early to go to school, and to not have my technology with me.


For 2 years i was a babysitter, but i only babysit my cousin when they were younger. Here and there I do volunteer work at my church. I do the technology stuff at my church.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Before I moved to North Carolina I used to have an extra curricular activity and that was playing soccer in a community.


I have 2 different families. There is my mothers side of the family and there is my dads side of the family. Right now I live with my mom and her side of the family. Well except for my grandma because she isn't living in North Carolina yet, but she will be. Anyways, I see my dads side of the family but it doesn't happen to often. Its a bummer but at least i do get to see them once in a while.

About Me

There really isn't much to know about me but I guess I can tell you a little bit about me.

The day I was born I ended up having an MRI. After the MRI was done the doctor found out that I was born without the bridge in the brain(Corpus Collosum). After a few years i had to go back to the doctors to get tested to see if anything happened/changed in my brain. Later that day they noticed that my brain was getting better but they also found out that it takes me a while to comprehend what i learn in my classes.  Thats all I can really say about that.

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