Employee Protection

Equal opportunities are recruiting anyone no matter what race, culture, age, disability or gender and more. No one should be treated differently no matter what.

Health and Safety

Health and safety and work is very important. if there is no health and safety at work, there is a chance of injuring yourself and may lose your job. This causes injuries or maybe even death

Equal Pay

Everybody deserves equal pay no matter what gender, age, race or culture. For example, a female solicitor earns £10,000 less than a male solicitor, I find it unfair how a women earns less than a man even though they have the same job.

Minimum Wage  

if you are aged 18-21, you are being paid minimum wage which is £5.03.

Hours of work

The maximum hours you can work is 48.

Sick pay

If you're off work for 4 days in a row, you're entitled to statutory pay.


Everyone is entitled to 26 days off also which they're paid.


When pregnant a women is allowed 26 weeks of maternity leave in which they are paid for, as of April 2015 a male is entitled to share the leave with their partner.