Change Is A Good Thing!

Zoe Denise Atkinson
February 16, 2014
Science Class

Emperor Penguin

-Habitat: Antartica

- Food:Krill and Fish

-The Emperor penguin has thick blubber to keep it warm.

-They are the leagest and heaviest of all the penguins.

- The male Emperor penguin cares and watches over the egg, and keeps it warm for 60 days.

Galapagos Penguin

-Habitat: Islands near the Equator

- Food: Mostly Fish

- The Galapagos Penguin has an small body that helps them cool off faster.

- The Galapagos Penguin is the third smallest penguin's in the world.

- The Galapagos Penguin holds their wings at a 45 degree angle to push hot air away from there body and it also shades there feet.

Crested Procupine

Habitat: Forests and Savannas in Africa

Food: Plants, Roots, Insects

-The Crested Procupine moves very slow.

-The Crested Procupine has sharp spines that are about a foot long.

-The Crested Procupine doesn't ever really climb trees.