Michael Vey: Rise of the Elgen

Book Report by: Jaden Regier


Rise of the Elgen is the second book to the Michael Vey serious, and it is about Michael Vey who is 15 years old and has a special power where he can produce electricity. In the story Michael and his friends are looking for Michael's mother, who was captured by the Elgen. The only problem about Michael getting his mother back is that she is being kept in Peru so they have to figure out how to get there. When they do finally arrive in Peru they are faced with the challenge of breaking into the largest Elgen power plant they have. With the help of his friends Michael is able to save his mother, but in the process Michael is captured and planned to be killed by the Elgen. As the Elgen plan to execute Michael his friends are able to rescue him and he escapes into the jungle. As Michael is running to the spot where he is supposed to meet his friends he is chased by three Elgen guards but out of know where twelve local tribesmen take out the guards and take Michael back to their village, and tell him that he will not be returning to America with his friends.


1. What did I enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed that there was lots of action and it always kept me entertained, and the author never wrote any dull moments.

2. Was the ending satisfactory?

I think the ending was satisfactory because it was a cliff hanger, so it makes me want to read the second book.

3. Was the book well written?

The book was well written because the author makes it interesting and he including lots of action.

4. Would I recommend this book?

I would recommend this book only if you like action books and science fiction books.

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