Prom 2015: Ranking the season's top Staten Island style trends

With Staten Island's prom season officially over, we thought we'd take this moment to reflect on the year's most fashionable prom styles.

The young gentlemen and ladies of Staten Island rocked them all — from flattering high neck lines to daring leg slits for the girls to bold prints and timeless fitted suits for the guys, prom season brought the style out with flying colors.

And don't worry — they could still get their groove on in those fancy get-ups. Check out Prom Correspondent Andrew Simontacchi's video to the right for some of the season's fly-est dance moves.

As with many great fashion trends, today's draw from bygone eras, especially among the girls. This year's called to mind many of the great fashions of the '90s, like belly-bearing tops, halters and floral prints.

But there were plenty of cutting edge ensembles worthy of their own Vogue covers.

Here are some of our favorite styles these teens rocked this year. Share your favorites in the comment section below.

Source: Beach Bridesmaid Dresses


Here was one of the most popular styles from this prom season. Ladies had some fun with high-waisted skirts, paired with midriff-bearing tops, often with flattering high collar necklines. Gone are the days of cleavage with this get-up. These are the days of the tummy.

Teenagers just wouldn't be teenagers if they weren't taking some risks, and this trend is no different. It's daring, flattering and one of the most unexpected fashions in formal wear.

Here's just one example of the style to the left from Tottenville High School's prom — check out the gallery above for more crop-top styles.


Many of the young women at this year's proms looked like they stepped right out of the Met Gala with these Beyonce-inspired cutouts. Typically showing off the side waist or legs, dresses with cutouts are a way of accessorizing with one's own body.

For the past couple years, we've seen these designs on the runways. Seeing them at prom is a fashion-forward statement from these ladies which we applaud.

To the right is just one example of the cutouts at this year's prom. The pattern on the side gives the dress a unique texture. Other cutouts were encircled with gems or other embellishments.


Typically a lady goes for one or two complimentary colors for their dress, shoes and accessories. But a few fashion pioneers threw that expectation out the window this year with vibrant and multicolored dresses.

The trend is as jubilant as the occasion itself. Plus, I'm sure it makes it easy for their dates to coordinate ties and flowers.

We saw the one to the left a couple times this year and loved the design. It's ornate, colorful and definitely a 2015 fashion favorite.


Let's face it, there's not a whole lot of ways for guys to push the fashion trends with formal wear. But several of Staten Island's young men put that notion to rest with bold and eccentric hats.

It's a style that never really goes out of style, and the perfect way to top it all off.

Check out this Port Richmond High student's Pharrell-esque topper and other cool hats in the gallery above.


Move over Bjork.

We didn't see a whole lot of dresses adorned with feathers, but to the ladies who did make that fashion statement: You go girls.

There's nothing more fitting than fashion that takes inspiration from nature.

Most of the feathered-dresses saw the embellishment at the hem of the dress, creating a mermaid-style silhouette.

It could be too soon to say, but perhaps this trend will be even bigger next year.


Lauren Steussy | Here's another popular style from this year's prom that comes straight from this year's red carpet fashions.

Lace-heavy dresses that show a hint of skin beneath elaborate floral designs were all the rage.

The styles called to mind ice skaters of Olympic fame, with decadent bodices and form-flattering textures.

Check out one of our favorites to the right from New Dorp High School.

There are tons more in the gallery above. It was by far the most popular fashion trends represented at all of this year's prom.


If you thought halter tops went out of fashion with the Spice Girls back in the '90s, this year's prom-goers are here to prove you wrong.

The playful neckline made a comeback this year with a variety of fun dresses. Seeing the style in such a glamorous setting makes one wonder why they ever went out of fashion — they do wonders for those young sun-drenched shoulders and are relatively modest for women's fashion.

We love this selection. These teens may not remember much of the era, but they sure do it justice.


Tuxedos aren't necessarily black and white. The young men of Staten Island let their true colors shine through this year with creative hues, typically coordinated with their dates.

Common colors included red and bright blue, sometimes with accent colors and designs. There were even a few metallic suits shinning bright throughout the night.

The one to the right from CSI International High School has a swirl design. Next to his date's sparkling dress, the two are a walking Van Gogh painting.

Careful buddy, you're in danger of stealing her thunder.


Jessica Rabbit would be proud of this one. Many ladies rocked the high slit, showing off a little leg with their elegant dresses. It's the kind of style that requires confidence and swagger — something these girls had down pat.

The style seemed to have made a comeback with Angelina Jolie on the red carpet back in 2012. Though many mocked her pose at the time, we're not laughing any more. This is a classic fashion statement for a reason.

One of our favorites in this category came from Curtis High School (above) This young woman put her best foot forward for the pose in a striking red dress. Bonus points for the crop top and the halter. She really hit all the marks.


Don't rule it out. Especially before seeing this Wagner High School student's ground-breaking ensemble.

Vincent Gonzalez (right) and his date Kimberly Fussner won the school's "Best Dressed" title for a reason: They're awesome.

Gonzalez has his finger on the pulse of futuristic patterns with his sequined top and black accents. So study up everyone: A few years down the line, all our men will be in sequins.

Oh and what I said earlier about stealing the ladies' thunder? I make an exception for Gonzalez because he rules.


This was perhaps the most feminine and unique of looks: Typically one or two colors, the lines of the dress outline ladies' curves in a flattering and elegant way.

There were a few of these at this year's proms, in black and white but also red and gold.

It's another one that requires confidence and grace, which is the kind of style we can all get behind.

Check out one example of the style in the picture to the left. Chloe Cicciarelli of St. Joseph by-the-Sea went for an elegant black gown with a flattering mesh cutout.


. As far as accessories go, none make a bolder statement than the mystical, intricate forehead bands rocked by a select few at this year's prom.

The shimmering head pieces are like modern-day tiaras. They look stately, exotic and unique. They can take an ordinary dress and turn it into something spectacular.

Here's another winner from Curtis High School to the right. The young lady's date recognizes she's dealing with royalty here.

Who knows if this fashion trend will stick around after this year or fade into the oblivion of regrettable prom choices. As of right now, they look pretty fabulous to me.


There was only one of these this year. There was only room for one of these, really: The Power Suit Over the Bra look rocked by this Curtis High School student.

It could be a fashion trend or it could just be this confident and daring young lady's way of not conforming to the prom industrial complex.

Not only did this young lady opt out of the dress with this all-white pant suit, she mostly opted out of a top, going instead with a matching bra top, as if to say, 'Hey buddy, you got a problem? Didn't think so."

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