Educational Apps

Elementary Education

Math Evolve

Math evolve is a game that requires students to put their math knowledge to the test. They can choose what function they would like to practice +,-,x,รท. They can then choose the difficulty. The game plays out like an old school arcade game so it keeps the student entertained at the same time as they are practicing their math skills.

This could be used in a math class to help review. Students can customize it so they can focus on areas of weakness or challenge them self by upping the difficulty. May be used as a fun review instead of a using work sheets.


Duolingo has a variety of different languages to choose from english, spanish, french, danish and many others. It allows your to choose a language and then begin to learn it by taking through you the basics of the language. It has lessons and progress tracking so you can see what you have learned. You can test and review skills. You work at your own pace.

This could be used in second language classes. Allows students an alternative mean to in class presentation. Can be used to help review and practice with examples provided.


This app can be used as a discussion forum. You can hide numbers so only posts are shown. Leader can curate so they can review what everyone sees. Ability to take polls as well as send out alerts and reminders.

This could be used in a class to help generate discussion. Take opinion polls and send students reminders and updates. Students who are to shy to talk can voice opinion with out standing out.

Teacher Aide 2.0

Allows teacher to track students assignment, grades, attendance and randomly select students.

This could be used in the class to keep track of students progress and allows quick access to see students attendance as well as assignments. The ability to randomly select students also could be used so students don't feel like you are always calling on them.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud based storage. From drive you can share and collaborate on various works. Ability to share videos and notes. Allow editing by others or just viewing.

This could be used in the classroom to allow students access to typed notes. You can upload lesson plans so students can view them later if they wish. Create assignments that students collaborate on but do not always have to be together to work on it.

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