My work placement in college Rennes 2

Hi,my name is Ilana, I'm fourteen years old. I live in Rennes and I study at Rosa Parks college .

I did my work placement in the administration of the college Rennes 2, at Villejean.

I started the work placement from 9h30 to 16h30 and I went back home to eat from 12h to 14h.

I worked with a lot of people in the human resources service so I discovered a lot of jobs like people manager, human resources manager ect.. They was very kind and thoughtful with me. I saw how to make a payroll and how to manage the career of a personnel of the university.

I don't like my work placement, I think he was extremly boring because I hade nothing to do except listen the people talk. Sometimes I left the work placement before the hour because I was just waiting for left. But the jobs who I discovered was very interesting and I think I would like to do people manager later, when I grow up.

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