R.A.C.E. with Ms. Wern

Restate, Answer, Cite Evidence, Explain

I can explain my answers and support them with evidence from the text.

R. Reword or restate the question

A. Answer all the parts of the question

C. Cite textual evidence

E. Explain your answer

Prove it!

Support your answer with evidence from the text.

Show and Tell Evidence Sentence Starters
  • It said so on page...
  • Because...
  • The author wrote...
  • For instance...
  • For example...
  • Based on what I read...
  • According to the text...
  • From the pictures I know...
  • On page ____ it said...

Your 1st R.A.C.E. Starts Here

The New School

     Miss Gregory was nervous. Not only was today the first day of school which made her nervous enough, but it was her first day at a brand new school.

     Miss Gregory fed her cat, Rufus, and said good-bye to her two pet fish. She grabbed her coffee and her lunch and she was out the door. Miss Gregory hopped on her bike and put her coffee and lunch in the front basket. She fastened her helmet and started her five minute bike ride to school.

     As she rode up to the school her heart started to beat faster and her palms grew sweaty. She locked up her bike and walked through the double front doors into the school. Her new principal, Mr. Dubble, smiled and waved at her from the front office. Miss Gregory started to feel a little better.

     Miss Gregory walked down the hall to her new classroom. Inside two other teachers were waiting.

     "Good Morning! I'm Mrs. Hopper, and this is Miss Eve. We'll be teaching 3rd grade with you this year. We are happy to have you at Hope Elementary," said the blonde teacher.

     "We brought some donuts and coffee for you this morning. Do you want chocolate frosted or glazed?" said Miss Eve.

     MIss Gregory smiled, "Oh, definitely the chocolate one. Thank you so much!"

     The two teachers laughed, "We know teachers get just as nervous as students do. Donuts definitely help!"

     Miss Gregory agreed and bit into her donut. She had a feeling she was going to love her new school.

Click the link below to R.A.C.E. Remember to support your answer with evidence and use your show and tell sentence starters.