Anna Shaye Thompson, Ashley Wachowicz, and Brittany Edmonds

Historic Information:

The dance originated from Mexico. Amelia Hernandez played a major role in the making of this style of dance. It was popularized on the US side of the border in the 1960's and 1970's in Los Angeles and El Paso who are largely populated with Hispanic Americans. This style of dance is based on the importance of everyday tasks that occur in Mexico.

What is it


Males wear black slacks, a black wide brimmed sombrero and a red belt and tie. The ladies wear traditionally colorful skirts with either black or white boots. The costumes hint at the heritage of the region

What kind of movement it is?

Polka and Tejano


What kind of music is used? Almost always accompanied by traditional Mexican mariachis. Other types of music also include polka and tejano.

What does it sound like?

It is very rhythmic

Why was it chosen

The music reflects the traditional Mexican culture.

What is the role in the culture?

Who performs it today?

Ballet folklorico de Mexico began in 1952 and is performed by the National Institute of Fine Arts which began with eight dancers and has now grown to have over 50 members in the group.

Where is it still performed?

It is still performed weekly at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. It has also toured widely in the united states and has appeared in over 80 different countries

When is it performed?

The Ballet Folklorico is performed at the Palace af fine arts in Mexico city 3 time weekly.

Why is it still performed?

To keep the tradtion of the Mexican cultural dances alive.

What is its role in modern culture?

The folklorico has become a defingin element of the Mexican popular culture at national/international levels. It has successfully reinvigorated itself to keep it alive and it encompasses all of the various traditional regional dances keeping them alive

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These are what the men and women look like who do this style of dance.

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This is a mariachi band. The type of music they play is the type that is danced to folklorico