Evan Builds A Bird Feeder

"First I gathered wood to build with."

"Next I measured the pieces and marked them with a square."

"After that, my dad cut them with a table saw.  Then, I sanded them soft and smooth."

"Fourth, I nailed them together with the nail gun."

"Fifth, I glued on the roof and then nailed it.  Sixth, I glued on the sides."

"Seventh, I filled the holes with putty.  Eighth, I drilled holes on each side two times and put in the pegs.  Ninth, I put in hooks on the top to hang it with.  Finally, I painted it and put on a rope to hang it with."

All ready for school (except for the pajamas)!

This was a 100% recycled project!  The wood came from a shipping crate that was used to build two tables.  The bird feeder was made with scraps from those projects.  All other supplies were laying around in the workshop, likely rescued from Grandpa Lester's workshop, or Grandpa Richie's.  

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