Traditional party in Brazil


Last Saturday, June 14, we had Junina (June) Party. This kind of party is very common and popular during June and July (this case it is Julina) in Brazil. We celebrate Saint John with delicious food, bonfire, and much happiness!

In general, girls wear dresses, boots, and make makeup very funny as the boys, who wear check clothes and big straw hat.

But why do we wear this clothes? In the past, people from of Brazil used to wear this type of clothes. They were called "caipiras" (peasant), and as well, they danced special music called "Quadrilha". This dance is among couples that have to dance together and following instruction by a conductor who speaks with a microphone.

About the food we have corn cakes, pop corn, hot dog, love's apple (apple with melted sugar), and different sweet such beijinho, brigadeiro, etc.

We, Brazilians, try to share our culture with the world - specially Canada. We had some Canadians guests who really liked the party! This is just one of all others parties that we have in Brazil!


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3 years ago

Oh Bruna- what a fun celebration! I loved the video of the square dances.

3 years ago

hahaha It is really good!