Renè Descartes

Born on: March 31, 1596


LA Haye, France


ISAAC BEECKMAN, was a Dutch philosopher and scientist, who, through his studies and contact with leading natural philosophers, may have "virtually given birth to modern atomism"

MARIN MERSENNE, a French theologian, philosopher, mathematician and music theorist, often referred to as the "father of acoustics"

CLAUDE MYDORGE, a French mathematician. His primary contributions were in geometry and physics.

CHRISTIAAN HUYGENS, a prominent Dutch mathematician, astronomer, physicist, and horologist. His work included early telescopic studies, investigations and inventions related to time keeping, and studies of both optics and centrifugal force.

FRANS VAN SCHOOTEN, a Dutch mathematician who is most known for popularizing the analytic geometry of René Descartes.

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