The Legend

He's Here...

As I stand there nervously looking at my opponent straight in the eyes Im Ready for my opponent to serve.My hands are shaking like a rattle snake a drip of sweat goes straight in my mouth yuck. He lifts his racket and serves with a lot of strenght. whoosh the green fluffy ball is spinning like a crazy tornado threw the air.

As I whack it back with a lot of power and a humangus Shock from the racket stuns me like an electric shock. and I dropped the bat and lost a point I say “God dam”. The crowd goes wild with a lot of noise whooo I was feeling confident I get back up and what do I know.the ball whacks me in the face Im really dizzy my nose is pouring down with red shiney blood

The ball comes at high speed all you could hear is whoosh wish I wasn’t concentrating.

then I see the ball come again I whack it with all my strength the opponent missed I won

a point the crowd was on fire they were screaming “GRRRHH” I needed one more point to win the game

he serves for the last time I whack it spit comes straight out of my salty tender mouth he’s anxious he hit it like speed of light I close my eyes and some how I whacked it and smashed him in the nose he had a bit of tears so I help him up we keeped on playing.

By Blake

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