A Plant Cell is Like a City

cell analogy project by: Jayce LaBella & Paige Nicewarner

the cell membrane is like the police, because they protect the city.

the cytoplasm is like the streets, or roads, that is how everything is transported.

the nucleus is like the mayor, because they both are in control.

the mitochondria is like the electricity for the whole city because it produces energy.

Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the mailman, because it transports the messages.

Ribosomes are like construction workers because they build proteins

Golgi Apparatus are like the factory workers, because they package the proteins

Lysosomes represent the trash men because it breaks down waste

Peroxisomes are also like the trash trucks because they break down fatty acids

chloroplast acts as a restaurant because it creates food for plants

cell wall is like a was around the city to protect it

cell was is like a wall around the city to protect it both are there to protect

Central Vacuoles is like a library because it holds all of the information

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