Sociological Aproach

What is shown about economic or social power?

Explanation of Literary Texts

Outcasts United is a clear example of social power. In the book it is obvious that the immigrants have little power in a foreign society, they were treated like they weren't human and people didn't accept them easily. What the original residents thought and said meant more then what the immigrants said or thought.Also immigrants were only given low-waged jobs while original residents had nice, decent to well paying jobs which is an example of economic power.

Oedipus the King is also an example of social power. Oedipus was a higher social status then his best friend Creon so everyone, including Creon, had to obey his orders and what he said. Also Oedipus had the power to kill, shun, exile, and punish people at will and it will be done because he is king and what he says goes no matter what the circumstance is.

Not Being Oedipus by John Heath Stubbs ( the picture is of the author) is an example of social power because the Sphinx had control of the city and used to cause terror on the Thebans. The Thebans were suppressed and had to do what pleased the Sphinx so they wouldn't die. Also the Sphinx's interactions with Oedipus showed social power. The Sphinx was trying to attract Oedipus' attention and was acting like no matter what Oedipus does he wont be able to love anyone else since in the poem it says ".. its capacity for affection was strictly limited."

The Cinderella movie resembles social power. People in the family, the mom and daughters ( Cinderella's step mom and step sisters) were more respected in the family then Cinderella because she wasn't a real daughter of the mother and a real sister of the two step sister's. Also the poor does all the labor and Cinderella was poor and was treated like a maid by the entire family. And because the step sisters were rich, they attended balls and festivals and didn't do any chores or jobs.

Digital Media Examples

Power by Kanye West: The lyrics " No one man should have all that power", and " in a white man's world" show the songs theme is the struggle for social power and equality.

Revolution by The Beatles: The lyric " you say you want to start a revolution" is about the social upheaval of the time reguarding the Vietnam war.

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