John Dalton

By: Bianca and Maddi

In England during 1808 John Dalton discovered the Atomic Theory stating that all matter is made up of tiny particles that cannot be divided. He was also the first to discover weights for the atoms of various elements.

Scientific Facts-

1. Dalton found the weights for the atoms of elements by comparing them to the simplest atom, Hydrogen.

2. He thought all matter was composed of atoms.

3. He believed atoms of one element were all the same.

4. His theory stated that atoms of one element were different from atoms of all other elements.

5. He thought molecules of compounds were made when small numbers of atoms of different elements joined together.

6. His theory said that atoms cannot be destroyed or divided by chemical means.

7. He believed that chemical reactions involve the separation of atoms and rejoining in different ways.

Random Facts-

1. He attended a Quaker school in his village in Cumberland until the age of 11. A year later he returned as a teacher at the same school.

2. He never married.

3. Both he and his brother were born blind.

4. He proved the understanding of hereditary red-green color blindness, which is often still referred to as "Daltonism"


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