This is my report on the Musk Ox

Where Musk Ox live

Musk Ox live up at the to of the world because it is farther away from the equator in frozen tundras. They live there because they have adapted by growing heavy coats of fur to keep them warm. Frozen tundras are below 30 degrease year round.

Musk Ox are rough, tough, and buff.

Here is a video of a Parent Musk Ox protecting her babie

Fun Facts

Their hooves are so strong they can break through solid ice

They can carry things up to 3 times their size

Rapid Process


If the arctic tundra had a flood, the Musk Ox would die or move.

Being attacked

If a Musk Ox was attacked ba a pack of wolfs if would die or adapt.




Polar bears

Plant's in the arctic tundra

Other animals in the frozen tundra

Some extra things for fun

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