Ancient Egypt

By Caden Hansen 3Rozetti


    Mummification was to preserve a body. Pharaohs were mummified when they died. This are the steps of mummification in summary                                                                               1. Announcement of death                                                                                            

2. Remove the organs and brain

3. Dry the body with Natron Salt

4. Wrap the body

5. Bring to the final resting place

Mummies were not the prettiest thing, but they are very cool


            Pyramids were basically tombs. They were built to hold mummified pharaohs. It took a lot of effort to build a pyramid. The most famous pyramid was the great pyramid because the it was biggest.

These are the three pyramids from Giza.

Nile River

       The Nile River is one of the most important thing to the Egyptians. The water gave them water for farming and drinking. Most cities were made close to the river. The Blackland was by the river, that is the fertile land good for farming.

This is the Nile River.


    Pharaoh were the rulers of Egypt. The people listed them right below gods. Pharaohs were sooo wealthy. There was many many pharaohs! Once a pharaoh died he was mummified. (see mummification info above).

This is King Tut

Daily Life

   The Egyptians were hunters, fishers , farmers, craftsmen, and builders. The Egyptians used papyrus for paper and rope.Egyptian clothing styles did not change much throughout ancient times. Clothes were usually made of linens ranging from coarse to fine texture. During the Old and Middle kingdoms, men usually wore a short skirt called a kilt. Women wore a straight fitting dress held up by straps. The wealthy men wore pleated kilts, and the older men wore a longer kilt.

These are brick makers.