This is the flag Germany.

latitude/longitude and Physical Geography

The latitude and longitude is 52.5167° N, 13.3833° E.

Germany has the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in the North. It also has the Alps in the South. Germany has the following geographies: the North German lowlands, the Mittelgebirge ridge, the Southwest German mountains and landscapes, the South German piedmont, and the Bavarian Alps.

The Rhine is the longest river in Germany at 865 km, the Elbe is 700 km, and the Danube 647 km.

The Zugspitze mountain is the highest at 2963 m.

Timeline events

This is the timeline of events and things that are important

1701- Fredrick crowned the first king of Prussia

1499- Switzerland breaks from German empair

1740- the war of Austrian succession

1870-Prussian war

1871-Germany captured Paris

1918-Germany was declared republic

1918-the treaty of Versailles ended world war 1

1838-Germany annexes Austria

1939-Germany goes to Poland starting world war 2

1955- Germany remains independent

1961- Berlin wall was built

1989- Berlin wall demolished

1990-east and west Germany reunited

Government/Important people

Germany is a parliamentary democracy governed under the constitution of 1994, which became the constitution of a united Germany in 1990. The president is elected for a five year term by a federal convention, which meets only for his purpose and consists of the Bundestag and a equal number of members elected by the state parliaments.The Bundestag, or federal assembly, has 598 deputies who are elected for four years using a mixed system for proportional representation and direct voting.Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. He was born in Austria 1889 he served as a dictator from 1934 to 1945. The outbreak of World war 1, Hitler tried to serve in the Germany army. Hitler joined them in August 1914,but he was still and Austria citizen. When World war 1 was over,Hitler went back to Munich and started to work for the military as an intelligence police officer.


The population of Germany is 82,652,256 million people. That is one of the most in Europe.

This is what people in Germany look like. They kinda look like Mexicans.

The official language is German.Another one is Dutch and English.



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