By Reid kirkpatrick

Courage can be defined as a willingness to follow through, and not back down no matter what the odds are.

Here is an example are some examples of courage.

A soldier is a great example of a person who shows courage. I picked this example because these people put themselves in danger every day to keep our country safe. They show good leadership through their courageous actions, by taking control of a dangerous situation.

Martin Luther King Jr. showed courage for standing up for equal rights. He was courageous with his non-violent protests because he was putting himself in danger of the law, as well as hate groups. Martin Luther was a courageous leader of the equal rights movement.

Kemba Walker was a courageous leader for Leading his team to victory in the Big East Finals. Walker shows Leadership by taking the final shot to win the game. This is courageous because if he misses, the loss is completely on him.

Galileo took a leadership role in going against the church, something that doesn't happen often. Galileo was courageous because he was questioning the church with his idea of the heliocentric model. This act was courageous because the church was very powerful at the time and would use their power to discipline.

Winston Churchill is a great example of a leader who showed courage. In World War 2, Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany. While some pleaded for him to make a deal with Hitler, Churchill told people to fight on and inspired them to have hope. This was a courageous move by a leader because the Nazis were destroying Britain

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