The idea of leaving the house without having applied makeup is one of the scariest thoughts a woman can think of. However, the thought may become less scarier after a recent study released by the Journal of Experimental Psychology last May. The study revealed that both men and women find ladies that wear less makeup to be more attractive.

The lead author in this study, Alex Jones (Ph.D), discovered that if a woman barely applies makeup, she actually is found to be more attractive by both men and women. He also says that makeup only contributes 2% of a person's judgement of attractiveness. But if makeup has such a small effect (of someone's attractiveness), what other factors are involved? Other studies show that facial symmetry, skin condition and facial expressions likely influence a person's judgement. Jones' study revealed that  even the slightest head tilt can increase someone's attractiveness. For example, women tended to like men who had their head slightly lowered. While men tended to like women who had their head tilted slightly upward. Even hormones had an effect on a person's perception of the opposite sex. However, Jones discussed that although makeup plays such a little part on your attractiveness, there is no reason to throw it away. He says that we do not know a lot about makeup at the moment from a psychological standpoint. More studies are to come about the affect of makeup to the human brain.




Why did I pick this article? Why was I interested?

I picked this article because it seemed really interesting to see what people really see in others besides how their makeup looks.

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