Patty Touched the Pan!

One day Patty decided to make lunch for herself and her friend Salvia. Salvia wanted to make pan pizza and Patty thought that was an amazing idea. They both started their own pan pizza. Patty was upstairs in the main kitchen making her pan pizza while Silva was downstairs in the basement kitchen making hers. Patty was not watching what she was doing and put her hand on the pan and burned herself very badly, Patty let out a loud cry for hep but Salvia did not hear her from down stairs. Lets hear the two sides of the story.

Patty's Story

I was cooking my pan pizza when I stumbled and put my hand on the counter trying to grab anything that would help to pull myself back onto my feet and regain my balance and my hand landed on the hot pan. I fell to the floor grabbing my badly burned hand, I screamed for help hoping Salvia would hear me. I know I screamed loud enough for Salvia to hear me but she was being selfish and didn't come upstairs to help me. I somehow managed to get up and put my burned hand under cold water it persistently stung under to cool water but I knew it was helping to I kept it there. Once I got done cooling my hand off I stammered to the bathroom and got out the burn gel, instantly it felt better and cool against my hot burned skin but after it started to sting again! I sat myself down on the couch and closed my eyes to try to forget about the shard pain in my hand. I awoke to Salvia coming upstairs bragging about how her pan pizza turned out amazing and I got even more upset with her and smacked the pizza on the ground where it was spilt all over. Salvia got very mad and yelled at me a lot but I did not care one bit and told her to clean it up and get out, but she grabbed her coat and walked out with a slamming door behind her. She didn't even care to pick up her pan pizza that was all over the ground! How rude of her!!! I won't be having Salvia back over anytime soon unless she apologizes.

Salvia's Story

I was over at Patty's to have a fun time with my friend. It started out good and we got hungry and decided to make pan pizzas for lunch. I was in the kitchen on the level below her. When I do anything I like to listen to music, it helps calm me. I swear I didn't hear Patty scream, if I had I would be up there in seconds! Once I finished I headed upstairs to tell Patty about my pizza. Sheimmediately began to yell at me! She is pretty darn stupid if she thinks I was going to stick around and be yelled at for no reason! I couldn't even get a word out because of how rude she was being. She knocked my pizza out of my hands onto the ground then she expected me to pick it up! I don't think so. She knocked the pan out of my hands herself so I left because she can pick up her messes without me if she want to treat me like that. I'm never coming until she apologizes.

The Explanation

Patty had touched the hot surface and her brain told her to pull her hand off the hot surface that was burning her. Her muscles did as they were told and ripped her hand back to protect her hands from getting burnt more. This happens all the time to everyone! The brain and nerves make up the Nervous System and the muscles make up the Muscular System. The Nervous System is controlled by the brain and the Muscular System is controlled by the Nervous System.

Step One: Neurons detect a stimulus

Step Two: Brain interprets the information and sends instructions as a response

Step Three: Muscles move as a response

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