Let Your Creativity Flow This Halloween with These Creepy Cool Interior Design Tricks

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is playing dress up. From creepy costumes to scary setups in the front yard, people often go all out to get into the spirit of the season. Speaking of dress up, a little creativity goes a long way in creating interior designs that set the right mood for Halloween.

Create Warmth Around the Fireplace

Families often gather around the fireplace during Halloween time to indulge in the horror movie experience. Pay homage to the season by incorporating a colorful theme into the family room. Warm fall colors across your walls, carpet, or furnishings will create a cozy atmosphere that complements virtually any style fireplace and its fiery glow.

Terrorize the Table

Tables present plenty of opportunities for adding Halloween-inspired creative touches. An end table may be the perfect spot for an arrangement of small pumkins, candles, and seasonal candies. A coffee table can provide ample space for plastic skulls, stuffed bats, and plates in contrasting color combinations like orange and black, or black and white. When it comes to accessorizing tables, you will only be limited by your imagination.

Prompt Scares in Intimate Places

There is nothing that says you have to limit your Halloween decorating project to common areas such as the living room, kitchen, and dining area. In fact, your bedroom is just as good a place as any. Drape a cobweb designed table cloth over your dresser beneath a model haunted house to create a look of despair. Decorate the shelves of your armoire with upright horror novels and figurines from your favorite scary movies to strike fear into your own heart each time you enter the room.

Furnishings can play a huge role in making the most of your Halloween decorating project. Whether you need an electric fireplace to cozy up the family room or an accent table to showcase your accessory collection, Buddy's Home Furnishings can accommodate your needs. Visit us online to explore our collection of name brand furnishings.