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Applying experience at all stages of the account settlement and collections process, Kramer & Associates follows through on each case from placement to recovery. The company assigns a specific strategy to each account based on the seriousness and length of the delinquency as well as the preferences of the payee. Kramer & Associates offers a first party extension program, which is designed to secure payment with minimal exposure on the part of the company owed. The company also provides a higher-level third party collections program, which includes access to an in-house legal staff.

Kramer and Associates offers a flat-fee service to new clients, during which time payees can experience the company's process firsthand. The subsequent agreement consists of a percentage commission of 15 to 35 percent of recovered funds, one of the most attractive fee rates in collections today. Kramer and Associates' attorneys and collectors also receive a high commission percentage, which recognizes these professionals' expertise while demonstrating the company's commitment to recovery. Account holders also come to understand this commitment through regular, personalized communication with company professionals, who continually heighten and intensify the collections process until they have secured the delinquent funds.

The Importance of Good Instincts When Making Collections Calls

Kramer & Associates, a collection agency in Hackensack, NJ, is regarded as a leader in its field. The talented personnel at Kramer and Associates work on behalf of the firm’s clients, many of which are located in New Jersey and its environs, to recover the funds to which they are entitled in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Traditionally, collections agents were associated primarily with pushy attitudes and aggressive approaches. However, it has become more evident in recent years that the job of a collections agent is actually much more nuanced. There are a variety of diverse characteristics that make an individual a highly successful collections agent. In particular, good interviewing and listening skills are vital.

A good collections agent has strong instincts with regard to knowing what to ask and when to ask it. He or she is able to determine when it’s a good idea to continue a line of questioning, or when it’s better to back off. The agent listens carefully to individuals’ responses and uses them to guide and inform his or her approach. Based on how well the agent utilizes these skills, he or she is able to negotiate and collect the balance that is due.

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