Julie Deane

Julie Deane Is a Satchel designer/Creator and Trendsetter she is the owner of The Cambridge Satchel Company . The company was founded in 2008.

The Cambridge Satchel Company

Julie Deane was first inspired to start her company when she saw a old photo of her old satchel she told her daughter and her daughter inspired her to make one so she did after making one she posted a video of her satchel and her dog. This was good publicity and when people saw this video they asked if they could get one made. Soon Julie Deane got so many orders that she created a website called The Cambridge Satchel Company this was a smart move because a website is out there for everyone to see soon she got so many orders and was making a lot of money in the year of 2013 The Cambridge satchel Company Made £13m. People were emailing her to make new designes and giving her ideas like "make a bright colored  Bag" and she did that. Julie Deane started a trend and made a lot of money by just recreating a old product she used creativity to innovate a old product by taking risk and having self determination.  www.cambridgesatchel.com

Julie Deane

Julie Deane                             Mother/Businesswomen

Trendsetter                              Fashion Designer/Creator


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