Anna's Creativity

This is a bit like pop art- I found these icon things on edmodo and then edited them to make them brighter.

Stop to smell the roses.

It's a smiley face!!! Edited slightly, but almost completely natural.

Names- the male and female equivalents.

Some are made up. Don't laugh, it is shocking how few names there are for Q.

Chocolate, Rasberry, mint and coconut balls


Look at the complicated pattern.... And then look at how many stitches went into making it.

Me and my brother

Trying to look like this dog. It was meant to be a joke before I realised it could be creative.



My Christmas Tree



Flowerius Cushioni (assumed scientific name for cushion flower)

I used my carpet as the leaves and a cushion as the flower head.

Paper Soccer ball!!!

I am de froggy.

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